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Kes Walls
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Some time ago a friend and I started developing a shared sci-fi universe.  At first it was purely for our own amusement and a little role playing, but over time it's sort of taken on a life of its own.  I've started doing some art for it, and my friend is working on a novel version.  I don't know if this will be of any interest to anyone else, but I thought I'd put it out there.

A brief summary of the setting:

In the far future, humanity has ventured out into space and found a diverse galaxy full of many species, civilizations and empires, but one stands above all the rest.  The Deltarrians are an ancient race with the most advanced technology in known space.  They're also not used to any challenges to their authority, and humans being humans, this has led to some friction.  A series of confrontations gradually escalated into an ongoing conflict that oscillated between full scale war and uneasy truces.  Eventually the Deltarrians decided to put an end to what they regarded as a major nuisance, and launched an attack against Earth itself, resulting in the destruction of the planet.  However, this didn't solve the Deltarrians' problems since the human colonies splintered into a collection of feudal states.  While the humans were no longer able to openly stand against the Deltarrian military, without any sort of political authority the region became quite lawless, becoming a haven for pirates and smugglers.  And the Deltarrians no longer had anyone to negotiate with, or to punish for incursions into Deltarrian space.

This situation persisted for several millennia, until the emergence of a brilliant scientist on Deltarria called Lord Blood.  Blood came from humble origins, far from the ruling classes in the capital of Vergion, but with his scientific brilliance and political savvy he climbed rapidly through the ranks of Deltarrian society, eventually coming to dominate politics to the point of becoming virtually the sole ruler of the empire - a situation that hadn't occurred in Deltarria for many millenia.  A large part of Blood's power came from his invention of Hex, a powerful narcotic that wasn't addictive and had no side effects, except for one: anyone who was dosed with Hex lost their free will and became a willing slave to Deltarria in general, and Blood in particular.  Blood saw to it that Hex was widely distributed in human space before its effects became known, and it seemed as if he was on the verge of becoming the undisputed ruler of all of known space.  It was then that Blood was betrayed and murdered by one of his loyalest servants, the undosed slave Aylee Triss.

With Blood's death Deltarria was thrown into chaos for a short time, and Hex lost its effect.  The human colonies regained their independence, but the old order had been shaken so profoundly that things could never be the same.  Slowly changes came to human space, and a thousand years after Blood's death the charismatic young king of Albion Colony, Arion Pendragon, achieved what most had thought was impossible - reunifying human space.  Arion's Zotrian Empire brought peace and prosperity to human space, and a new found strength.  Arion had begun building a fighting force that could once again stand toe to toe with the best Deltarria had to offer.  From the palace in Vergion, the rulers of Deltarria watched the developing situation with increasing alarm...

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Welcome to :iconartfavorite:

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