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I love feedback! Please tell me what I'm doing wrong - don't worry, I have a thick skin. ^_^
I've been doing a few things based on the anime and manga Princess Resurrection (Kaibutsu Oujo) lately, so I thought I should give a quick description of it since I don't think it's all that well known.  It's a fun popcorn sort of show that I really enjoy, despite the fact that it is pretty cheesy at points.

Hime is the daughter of the king of monsters, who rules a realm parallel to the human world.  Members of the Royal Family are very much like ordinary humans as children, but become immortal when they reach maturity.  In order to avoid power struggles between immortals, each generation of the Royal Family must fight each other for the throne.  The battle involves assassins, duels between Royal siblings, and overly convoluted plots.  The last one left alive gains the right to claim the throne.

Hime moves to the human world at the beginning of the series where she lives in a mansion on a hill overlooking Sasanaki City.  She hires a live in maid named Hiyorimi Sawawa, (family name first) who brings her little brother Hiro to live with her.  We begin with Hiro arriving by himself in Sasanaki City and following directions in a letter from Sawawa to the mansion.  On the way, Hiro encounters a mysterious and beautiful woman (you'll never guess who this turns out to be) and her child like android servant Flandre.  Hiro promptly gets himself killed, either by being hit by a van that swerved to avoid Flandre in the manga, or by being crushed by steel beams while saving Hime in the anime.  Fortunately for Hiro, Hime and other members of the Royal Family have the ability to resurrect the dead and turn them into immortal servants.  The main cast is rounded out in the next few episodes as Hime befriends the werewolf Liza Wildman and the vampire Kamura Reiri. (family name first)

Princess Resurrection is mainly episodic, with an action comedy sort of feel, with more emphasis on the comedy.  Nobody's going to claim that this series is going to save anime, but it's fun light entertainment.  The series has the blessing of Universal Studios, and frequently features classic movie monsters such as the invisible man, triffids, and the mummy.

My attempt at a Princess Resurrection doujinshi is here.  I'm aiming for weekly updates, but no guarantees - this is the first time I've done this.


Princess Blackmail p. 12 by kessy-athena
Princess Blackmail p. 12
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I think it says a lot about Hime's character that she simply says, "Stop," and it stops.  Especially since neither Liza nor Reiri have any particular obligation to do what she says.

Characters:  Liza Wildman, Kamura Reiri, Hiyorimi Hiro

Confused?  There's a background summary here.
Princess Blackmail p. 11 by kessy-athena
Princess Blackmail p. 11
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It seems a little hard to believe, but in my first draft of the story, pages 8 - 11 were all just one page.  The conversation between Reiri and Liza just kept growing as I thought of more things they wanted to say.  I'm not sure if I overdid it or not, so what do you guys think?  Am I doing good character drama here?  Or am I just overindulging in an angsty Reiri and a furious Liza?

Characters:  Liza Wildman, Hiyorimi Hiro, Kamura Reiri

Confused?  There's a background summary here.
Princess Blackmail p. 10 by kessy-athena
Princess Blackmail p. 10
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It can be surprisingly hard to get Liza's paws to look right in terms of their proportions.  Obviously normal human proportions are out the window, and if you watch the anime carefully, her paws actually change size quite a bit from one scene to another.  At one point they may be just a bit larger than her human arms, and a few minutes later it'll look like her knuckles will drag on the ground.

Characters:  Kamura Reiri, Hiyorimi Hiro, Liza Wildman

Confused?  There's a background summary here.
Princess Blackmail p. 09 by kessy-athena
Princess Blackmail p. 09
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*bing bong*  Your attention please.  All patrons are reminded that for your health and safety, it is highly recommended that you listen to the shouting, gesticulating werewolf.  Those who continue to aggravate her do so strictly at their own risk.  The management bears no responsibility for any damage to persons and property or general mayhem that may ensue.  Thank you and please enjoy the rest of your visit.  *bing bong*

Characters:  Liza Wildman, Hiyorimi Hiro, Kamura Reiri, Hime

Confused?  There's a background summary here.
The Bata Neart Files by kessy-athena
The Bata Neart Files
Aoife and Ashling from the webcomic Bata Neart cosplaying as Agents Mulder and Scully from the X Files

(Cue spooky whistling.)

This started when I mentally named Ashling and Aoife's chain smoking friend, "The Smoking Girl."  The rest was pretty inevitable.  Poor Ashling - and Scully thought *she* had it bad...

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